A Fist in Action

The regional boxing championships are thrilling crowds !
First day of the regional championship - Dervallieres' gymnasium (Crédit photo : Kenza Nidal)
The regional boxing championships are annual events that attract the attention of boxing lovers. Organized with precision, these tournaments, bring together talented and promising boxers from various corners of the region. The organisation of these championships begins months in advance, with meticulous weddings. In boxing terminology, “weddings” are the association of two boxers.
The organizers work closely with local boxing clubs to guarantee the participation of competitive athletes and to offer the public a memorable show. The venues chosen for the regional championships are not only sporting arenas, but also places that reflect the spirit of boxing. This creates a vibrant atmosphere that elevates the experience for participants and spectators alike.
The selection of referees is crucial, to ensure a fair competition. Experienced and impartial officials are appointed to make sure that the rules are followed and decisions are fair. Concerning the boxers’ preparation, every boxer is chosen months before the championships to make sure that they are ready mentally and physically to hop on the ring. They have to respect a weight pre-determined by the coaches and they have to maintain that weight until the day they box. And to finish, there are the coaches, who have probably the most stressful part in this. They have to decide if they want to host, if the boxer is prepared, and they have to think about travel expenses which can be costly if the arena is far.
Now that you know everything about the regional championship, maybe you will be the next boxer to be in it. Who knows ?
Kenza Nidal Mahmoud
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